Private Workshops

Les ateliers privatise

A private CANDORA perfume creation workshop can be organized, guided by your very own dedicated perfume expert.

Two workshops are possible :

-Our classic 2 hour workshop for one, two people or more, adults or children above 10 years of age,

-Our workshop for families with children from 6 to 10, see the description below.


Guests will embark on an imaginative and inspiring journey while creating their personalized fragrance. Each participant will receive a bottle with his/her customized blend, with an engraved bottle. 


This Workshop takes place at the newly opened Maison Candora, in French, English or Spanish.

Private workshops are organized at your convenience, book for the day and time which suits you, contact us if you do not find a slot which suits you.

During the first part of the workshop, you will discover the fascinating world of perfumes : from the History of perfmue to the secrets of their making and the wonders of olfaction. You will start smelling scents and challenging your capacity to rechognize them.

The second part is a journey through our collection of 1ç eaux de toilette which you can blend by 2 or by 3, you will learn how to combine them and you will make your selection to mix in a beecher before proudly filling your bottle. The private workshop also includes the engraving of your bottle.

Private Perfume Creation Workshop
Where : Maison Candora
Price : 360€ ( for 2 )

The adventures of Inspector Nosy and the stolen perfume !

You and your family will become the assistants to inspector Nosy who runs after a mysterious thief... A captivating story with olfactive discoveries ending with the creation of your perfume. Adults and children will leave with a bottle of their perfume.

For who ? Families with kids aged 6 to 10, of course older siblings can participate too.
When ?  You choose !
If the days and time slots in our schedule do not fit with your wishes, contact us, we will do our best to open the right time for you.

Private Family perfume creation workshop
Where : Maison Candora 
Price : 495€ for a family, up to 2 adults 3 children